By: Alexa Mencia, Medill Reports Chicago
Date: 01/10/2016

Today on inauguration day, AMC shares with you a powerdul news article and video that speaks to the uncertainty that many of our friends and families are facing. AMC's Jenniffel Ramirez, LCPC, contributed to this story and shared her experience with DACA recipients at AMC:

“…DACA recipients’ mental well-being is “even more complex” on the eve of a Trump presidency because they feel they have been misled. DACA recipients “finally had this documentation,” says Ramirez. “They finally feel like they belong; they finally start getting jobs; they’re starting in their careers; they have this new car; they finally see this hope.” For these immigrants, she adds, losing all that is “not just taking away a paper, it’s taking away an identity.” Many DACA recipients not only feel misled, according to Ramirez; they feel guilty for trusting the government with their personal information. That’s because many divulged information that now puts other undocumented family members at risk as well.”

Click here to read the full article and make sure to watch the video too.